Nebula Was, Live at Gabe's: Full Show mp3 Download

Track List:

  1. Broken Bottle
  2. Lemonade
  3. 1965
  4. Unknowingly-Badbat
  5. Toxic Shock
  6. 1000 Tiny Bears
  7. Naked Swan
  8. Scott
  9. Nerve Patch


Little Village Magazine and Nebula Was are happy to present “Nebula Was: Live at Gabe’s,” a free, high quality recording of their July 9 performance.

Nebula Was is a four-piece rock band located right here in Iowa City. Though, it’s likely that enthusiasts of the Iowa City music scene have already seen them perform a time or two. As of now, their next scheduled Iowa City performance isn’t until Halloween night at at Gabe’s, so this is your best chance to get a taste of the live Nebula Was experience.

Consisting of nine Mp3 tracks pulled directly from the sound board, you’ll be hard pressed to find a higher quality recording of a full Iowa City concert. Get downloading, folks!


  1. hey this is andre from nebula was. thanks for checkin this out and most importantly thanks to drew bulman and the little village crew. this video is with the old drummer, we have a new drummer now and he is who is playing on this recording and who will be playing in nebula was for years to come. thanks again and hope to see you all soon!

  2. In case anybody's wondering what happened to the sexy, sexy face behind the kit in that video, he's back to making muzikz with Six Seconds Away, also of Iowa City. Get'cher fill of all the wonderful stuff the man can do @

    And no hard feelings to Nebula Was and their new drummer. I wish them the best.

    -Matthew/Six Seconds Away

  3. Nebula Was at the Yacht Club Battle of the Bands September 9th

    Nebula Was at Gabes September 21st with The Wheelers and The Post Mortems

  4. Nebula Was at the Yacht Club Battle of the Bands September 9th

    Nebula Was at Gabes September 21st with The Wheelers and The Post Mortems

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