Nebraska’s finest head to Gabe’s for a free night of metal and hardcore

No Tide
Coming off the recent release of Meridian (pictured), Nebraska’s No Tide will be in attendance.

Things are getting heavy this Sunday, with four Nebraska-based metal and hardcore bands invading Gabe’s for a free show. The particular event sees two separate hardcore punk tours converging (eh? get it? CONVERGE-ing?) for a special night of head-banging and/or toe-tapping.

Relentless Approach and Borealis are on tour together from Omaha and hold down the more intense end of the bill. Borealis in particular offers a sound as black as pitch, frenetic but doom’y. Relentless Approach recalls the hardcore punk of the Hot Snakes — simple and to-the-point, but still powerful. This tour finds them with a new cassette tape, Two Birds and a Stone, a compilation of three previously released seven-inches.

Lighthouses and No Tide, on tour together from Lincoln offer a lighter edge to the show. Lighthouses sounds like a passing train — ambient and spacey, until they get right in your face. No Tide, on the other hand, is energetic and fun, using punk signifiers to disguise shining pop music. Rounding out the bill will be Maleficarum

The show begins at 9 p.m., and with four touring bands, bring some of that cash when they pass the hats, y’hear?

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