N.S.F.W: Keeping the holidays hot

NSFW Holiday Edition!
It’s time for another N.S.F.W. — Holiday Edition! — photo by Rachel Jessen

Let’s be honest: When we think of the holiday season, it’s not exactly the sexiest time of year. Family, too much rich food, “O Christmas Tree” on an endless loop, shopping crowds, snow and ice and early sunset, endless travel: It’s exhausting and stressful. Here are some tips to keep your holidays as sensual and pleasurable as the rest of the year.

Keep Your Chapped Skin Soft And Your Body Relaxed

The winter winds are not kind to anyone, and there’s nothing worse for sexytime than dry, cracked skin and chapped lips. Be good to yourself: Use a good lip balm, avoid the too-hot showers that’ll parch your skin further and moisturize before bed and throughout the day. Ask your someone special to help you with the hard-to-reach places—you never know where that’ll end up.

Also, the weight of winter—stress, bulky winter coats, muscles contracted against the cold—can wreak havoc on your body. Make sure you’re getting, and giving, some wonderful massages.

Turn Up The Space Heater And Beat The Darkness 

If you feel like your warm flannel footie pajamas are getting in between you and your lover, invest in a small space heater to warm up the bedroom for a few hours. That way, you can put on something slinky without ending up with goosebumps and hard nipples for the wrong reasons.

And if the early darkness is making you exhausted, try tackling a romp in the sack right after work, or early in the morning, just after sunrise. Sometimes having light in the sky makes all the difference in the world.

Reclaim Family Time From Your Family

Holiday time is family time, but there’s something about fighting with your parents about your life choices while your significant other laughs quietly into their spiked eggnog that can really kill the mood. Make sure that you take time to yourselves to de-stress, vent and take advantage of your childhood bedroom.

You can even make it into a game. Did your brother fail to stop talking about his study abroad, your sister call you a loser, your mother ask you if you really want that second piece of pie and your dad criticize your career choices, all within two hours? Bingo! Retreat from the havoc with your darling for a “nap” or “walk.”

Let Your Presents Speak For Themselves

Has your significant other been hankering after a particular adult toy, harness or swing? What better time to give it to them? Just make sure that they aren’t opening it up at Aunt Marge’s house in front of the entire extended family.

Not paired up with anyone? That doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself that high-end Swedish vibrator you’ve been eyeing. Hell, you can even wrap it just after Thanksgiving and let the anticipation drive you wild all month.

Get Out Of Town 

There’s nothing wrong with abandoning the frigid Midwest and squabbling in-laws and going somewhere warm. Use that holiday vacation time and find a beach where the sand is as white as snow.


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