My Mission Creek schedule for tonight

My Mission Creek Festival agenda for tonight (gonna need my bike for this…)

6-8 Dawns at Dusk (I’m late! gotta go!!)
8:00 – Shame Stevens The Englert Theatre
8:20 – Samuel Locke Ward and the Boo Hoos at the Mill
8:50: Porno Galactica at PS1
9:05: Joe Jack Talcum at Mill
9:25: The Western Front at blue moose
9:45: Meat Puppets at the Mill
10:20: Envy Corps at Blue Moose
10:45: The Gglitch at Yacht Club
11:10: More Meat Puppets
11:30: VV Brown at Blue Moose
12:00: Tim Hecker at Gabe’s
12:20: Little Dragon at Blue Moose

See you there!!!!!

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