Motley Cow Chef David Wieseneck to join Maggie’s Farm Pizza Iowa City location

Motley Cow Chef David Wieseneck will be joining Maggie’s Farm Pizza at their new Iowa City location at 1300 Melrose Ave. Motley Cow Café closes its doors on June 17. — photo by Frankie Schneckloth

Chef David Wieseneck of Motley Cow Café will have a new gig after the Northside establishment closes its doors on June 17. Carolyn Brown, Jerry Zimmermann and Roc Kemmerer, owners of Maggie’s Farm Pizza, have hired Wieseneck to join their growing team as their new Iowa City location prepares to open its doors at 1300 Melrose Ave.

After the news of Motley Cow Café’s closing was announced in April, a conversation between Zimmermann and Wieseneck about restaurant equipment developed into a discussion about future plans and the potential for collaboration.

“I wasn’t sure the timing would work with the closing of the restaurant, but after I thought about it, it was a pretty ideal situation. I’ve always liked their product and good opportunities don’t come around that often,” said Wieseneck.

Motley Cow Owner David Wieseneck (second from left) plans to close the restaurant this summer.

As Maggie’s plans their brick and mortar expansion to Iowa City, Zimmermann says, “It’s a game changer for us. He’ll bring a knowledge of pizza and other things as well. Maggie’s will still be primarily a pizza restaurant, with a focus on making the best Neopolitan pizza, but we’ll grow from there. David has agreed to help us do that.”

Wieseneck plans to round out Maggie’s pizza menu by filling in with salads, desserts and antipasti as well as develop the beer, wine and coffee menu.

While standing in the construction zone of the future dining room at Maggie’s, Brown told Little Village, “David has always been committed to great food and great ingredients and bringing joy and happiness to the customer.”

After the Motley Cow Cafe closes in mid-June, Wieseneck will join the staff at Maggie’s on a full-time basis where he’ll act as head chef and manage the kitchen alongside general manager Kemmerer. The restaurant’s final inspection is set to happen June 29, after which Maggie’s Farm Pizza will open for business.

Maggie’s Farm Pizza co-owner Jerry Zimmermann visits the restaurant’s new Iowa City location, which is set to open towards the end of June. — photo by Frankie Schneckloth

Editor’s note: A previous version of this post misstated Roc Kemmerer as managing partner. Little Village regrets this error.

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