Moonboy Movie Review

Short Film
Directed by Adam Calfee
Hardacre: Friday, August 1, 6:20

Adam Calfee’s Moonboy is an animated short about a kid, a kind of everyman, who, as his apathetic mother smokes in the dirty kitchen, flips endlessly through the channels, which show an endless catalogue of things to be depressed and then apathetic about. My favorite example is a man falling to his death off a skyscraper as the announcer intones, “Weed is worse for you than you thought.” The boy fills with whatever is destroying his mom until he finally chucks his glass of milk at the screen and runs out into a gorgeous blue and gold night of countless stars. He runs to the edge of the cliff and stares at the big moon, which promises something other than the sickening greens of the tube. What happens next is magical in its way, but just might leave you wondering about the veil of beauty we lay over our horrors.

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