M.C. Ginsberg Presents: Drawer 13

Wear your support for the arts in Iowa City – shop Drawer 13 at M.C. Ginsberg Jewelers. With the purchase of this hand-crafted artisanal jewelry, you contribute to the writers and artists of Little Village magazine.


Say it in a Letter

These custom letter pendants from M.C. Ginsberg are another great way to show your love for the arts. Only ONE of each letter of the alphabet is available in this exclusive font, so grab the one you want before it’s gone!

Little Village Letters make a sweet graduation gift! Why not buy the “U” and “I”? Or the “L” and “V” and represent your favorite IC scene (“I” and “C”, anyone?).


Love Little Village?
Put a Ring On It!

Originally priced at up to $200, these uniquely designed steel rings are specially marked at $50 to encourage your investment in the arts in our community. Each ring is exquisitely crafted by Niessing, a 150-year old metalsmithing family dedicated to the production of fine craft jewelry.

Choose from beaded rings in an assortment of colors; they’re the perfect gift for Moms, graduates, or your special someone.

“I believe that art makes the community. M.C. Ginsberg is dedicated to building community by encouraging us to explore … to find together what makes our lives exciting and our culture unique.”

-Mark Ginsberg

Little Village would like to thank M.C. Ginsberg for their continued encouragement of local arts and culture.