Little Village magazine issue 274: Nov. 6 – Dec. 3, 2019

Little Village issue 274

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Welcome to the 2019 Give Guide! From donations to gift shopping, your dollars have power — especially during the holiday season. Get to know 15 nonprofit organizations working to make the CRANDIC a better place, and eight local retailers that make a point to give back to the community that supports them. Plus: The Catherine McAuley Center marks 30 years of providing education and housing in Cedar Rapids, ahead of a major expansion. UR Here columnist Thomas Dean discusses the need to grieve one’s environment as the climate crisis continues. The nonprofit choir Family Folk Machine raises their voice, and local farmers, food pantries and health-care providers team up to pilot a vegetable prescription program. Also inside: profiles of local publishers, a new question for Kiki and the curious story behind Cedar Rapids’ Ten Commandments monument.

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