LV Recommends: This traditional low-alcohol beverage is perfect when you need to hit the refresh button

Surrounded by farms as far as the eye can see, it was only a matter of time before this local brewery, the area’s rich farming history and Amish and Mennonite communities collided. Haymaker’s Punch, a traditional beverage for thirsty hay farmers working the fields, is now on tap at the brewery. Made with apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger root and honey, this lightly carbonated and fermented drink is considered nature’s Gatorade: hydrating, electrolyte-filled and refreshing on a hot summer day––or, let’s be honest, just about any day. It’s tangy and zippy with a hint of sweetness, and is a great stand-in for a beer or alcoholic beverage without feeling the FOMO pangs of ordering iced tea, seltzer or soda. Available by the glass and growler at the brewery only: 405 B Ave, Kalona.

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