LV Recommends: Shop for new tableware and support these local artisans

Local artisans making it easy to set the table

Owner Patti O’Neill partners with artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico to produce beautiful collections of home goods that marry traditional techniques with modern aesthetics. O’Neill travels regularly to Mexico to collaborate with her artisans and share the process, and brings back fresh goodies multiple times a year. Look for tabletop ceramics, hand-woven textiles and beeswax candles to dress up your dining table. Shop online or sign up for their newsletter to be notified of pop-up events.

Tom Langdon

Photographer and artisan Tom Langdon crafts food-grade serving boards from downed trees. Made from locally sourced walnut, maple and hickory, these platters are the perfect neutral backdrop for an array of cheeses or snacks, but are equally elegant as stand-alone pieces.

Iowa City fiber artist Susan Shinnick brightens up the world of drab kitchen textiles. Using a patterned linen as a starting point, Shinnick overdyes the fabric in a range of hues to create vibrantly saturated napkins, placemats and aprons that bring a playful twist to your table. Find her on Etsy or visit her at the Iowa City Farmers Market.

Shumpei Yamaki

Potter Shumpei Yamaki’s work is functional and stunning at once. Using traditional Japanese pottery techniques and wood-fire kilns, the resulting ceramics feel sophisticated yet earthy, and are sure to heighten the experience of your afternoon tea or bowl of ice cream.

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