LV Recommends: Gumption.

Gumption. offers hand-crafted beverages for every mood. — photo by Caroline Thome


560 Boyson Rd Suite A, Cedar Rapids

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day, and the restaurants that cater to the eager morning crowd need to be able to appease both sweet and savory palates. For any breakfast lover, both need to be balanced in flavor and texture; well-balanced plates have become a science for chefs. A well-balanced plate paired with a notable beverage, hot or cold, has been elevated to an art form.

Gumption. has achieved and perfected the chic, family-friendly breakfast spot with its farm-to-fork food and drink menus. Those menus caters to many different diners, with each plate highlighting local ingredients, from fresh seasonal produce to fresh breads.

Sweet-breakfast lovers can’t go wrong with the Bananas Foster French Toast. The four slices of French toast are topped with bananas, caramelized maple syrup and homemade granola, and all the flavors play off each other: The deep richness of the syrup balances the smooth sweetness of the bananas, and the sprinkling of granola provides a textural pop against the bananas and toast. This is the mainstay of the sweeter side of the menu and it will leave you beyond the point of satisfaction.

Photo by Lauren Shotwell

While a sweeter breakfast is always tempting, I am partial to the savory side. There is nothing better than a perfectly prepared egg. At Gumption., the dish that highlights this is the SW Eggs Benedict. When you break the egg open, the rich yolk is complimented by the salty pulled pork and the sweet cornbread pancake. The richness of each bite is brightened by a refreshing salsa verde hollandaise sauce. This savory, full-flavored dish will please through to the very last bite.

The drink offerings are equally delightful. Whether is it a simple, yet flavorful, cup of coffee or one of their more creative, handcrafted ones, you won’t be disappointed. On first glance, you may feel overwhelmed or question the pairings of ingredients; start simple by choosing a drink with ingredients that appeal to not only you but your mood.

I highly recommend the Sweet Ginger Tea for non-coffee drinkers or for those who want a change in pace. Once it was brought to the table, I had to patiently wait for a little timer to run out of sand; as I did, the steam rolled off the top of the cup and the tea’s aroma filled the air. The ginger is steeped in hot water, coconut milk and honey. The creaminess from the coconut milk is highlighted and sweetened by the honey, yet the ginger’s natural bite cuts through it, creating a sip to warm one’s soul.

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 230.

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