Loneliest Place on Earth Movie Review

The Loneliest Place on Earth
Short Film, 13 min
Directed by Cody Stokes
Hardacre: Friday, August 1, 8:40pm

In Cody Stokes’s The Loneliest Place on Earth, which has the elegance and mystery of a parable, a man is stabbed in a St. Louis alley. He doesn’t want to go to the hospital for fear of the law and is abandoned by friend and enemy alike. That all happens in two minutes; the rest of the movie, as long as it takes to play Mahalia Jackson’s medley of “Summertime” and “Sometimes I Fell Like a Motherless Child” (one of the glories of recorded music), is devoted to the quiet magic of a cab driver who unwittingly takes the dying man on a final tour of the city lit up for the night as if all for him to see.

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