Liz Lidgett Gallery threads together four artists ‘pushing the boundaries of textile-based artwork’ in new exhibit

The Liz Lidgett Gallery and Design opened a new group show, “Textiles,” on Feb. 24, featuring 20 textile-based pieces that can brighten the darkest of rooms. “Each work will make you stop in place to contemplate and try to discover more about the technique and brilliance of the artist,” according to the show’s description.

The gallery showcases work from four national and international artists: Carrie Gillen, Jose Romussi, Emily Keating Snyder and Emily Van Hoff. These artists are “pushing the boundaries of textile-based artwork while playing with color, texture and precision.”

Gillen is a painter and sculptor based in St. Louis. Her art incorporates the environment, using bends and folds in the fabric to alter the feeling of it with light. Romussi, a Chilean-native from Santiago, was inspired by his mother, herself a painter. His mixed-media work blends his photography and hand embroidery.

Snyder grew up in Maryland and now lives in Los Angeles, but considers herself a New Yorker at heart. She graduated from New York University, studying fine art, and continued her studies in Florence, Italy. Snyder combines sewing and jewelry crafting into her embroidery.

Van Hoff began her career as a graphic designer and hand letterer. This background informs her current textile projects. In her Chicago studio, she makes quilts, collages, patches and wall hangings that experiment with form, craft and color. Many of her quilts draw inspiration from art deco architecture and geometric patterns.