Little Village Presents Vino Vérité: New series launching June 7 at FilmScene

Vino Vérité Kickoff: Spartacus & Cassandra,
with filmmaker Ioannis Nuguet

FilmScene — Sunday, June 7 at 7 p.m.

Friends: We are excited to share some news about a program we will launch next month in partnership with FilmScene and Bread Garden Market.

The series is called “Vino Vérité” — a playful pun marrying the old saying “in wine there is truth” with an interest in the vérité style of filmmaking (which, in short, means realism).

Some vérité films are documentary, some are narrative fiction. Many genres can employ vérité elements, and we are going to explore a lot of them, always with the filmmaker present and always with a wine pairing selected by the Bread Garden’s Wally “The Wine Guy” Plahutnik.

At the first Vino Vérité on Sunday, June 7, we will gather for a very special Iowa City screening of Spartacus & Cassandra by French director Ioannis Nuguet, who will be in attendance to talk about the film, and will spend a couple of days getting to know Iowa City and helping out with educational programming. It’s going to be an amazing start to what is sure to be an excellent series.

Spartacus & Cassandra first reached an international audience at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, drawing the attention of The Hollywood Reporter, which offered this description:

In the affecting documentary Spartacus & Cassandra .. two Romani children in France are forced to choose between a life on the streets with their parents or a more regular future that includes an education and a roof over their heads but with a foster family instead of their own.

…Nuguet captures all the drama with standard-for-the-genre handheld camerawork, though he occasionally allows more poetic image sequences of photos, super-8 and sped-up footage to seep into the proceedings, providing both relief from the shocking poverty of this family’s life in the not-so-belle France as well as a suggestion of what childhood should really be like for these two children. The evocative music, by Aurelie Menetrieux, further helps underscore this idea.

Keep an eye out for ticket information in upcoming issues of Little Village, and via FilmScene. The $25 ticket price ($20 for members) includes two full pours of Wally’s selected vino. See you there!

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