Letters to the editor: Meghann Foster for Coralville City Council

A number of community members have written to Little Village in support of Meghann Foster, who is running for the Coralville City Council. Here is a collection of their letters to the editor:

Foster has ‘a proven track record’ in the community — Molly Wilson

Foster stands for ‘progress and innovative growth’ — J.P. Claussen

Foster is ‘a community-oriented leader’ — Tara Dutcher

Foster ‘will serve Coralville with distinction’ — John Cameron

Foster has ‘a proven track record’ in the community

I am writing in support of Meghann Foster for Coralville City Council. I’ve known Meghann for over 10 years through volunteer work at Coralville Central Elementary School. Meghann has consistently worked hard to make Coralville a good place to live. She’s intelligent and articulate, and has used her considerable talents in serving the community through her work at the Coralville Food Pantry, the Coralville Planning and Zoning committee and many other valuable community organizations. As such, she already has a proven track record of tireless effort with the aim of improving her community.

As a Coralville resident, I am confident that Meghann has both the drive and the ability to help our community move in the right direction. She will work to make sure Coralville has affordable housing for all demographics in an effort to ensure that Coralville remains vibrant and diverse, and will help to steer our community in the right direction fiscally. She is willing to look beyond the obvious and will propose and support innovative ideas that will strengthen our community. On Nov. 7, I’ll be voting for Meghann Foster for Coralville City Council.

— Molly Wilson

Foster stands for ‘progress and innovative growth’

I am endorsing Meghann Foster for Coralville City Council. I have known Meghann since she helped manage my campaign for the Iowa City Community School District school board during the special election in 2016. She is pragmatic and stands for progress and innovative growth. Meghann’s work with the Food Pantry and her work as a Coralville Central parent demonstrate her commitment to everyone in our community. I believe she is forward thinking and has a great respect for where our community has come from. I hope you will join me and vote for Meghann Foster on Nov. 7.

— J.P. Claussen, Coralville

Foster is ‘a community-oriented leader’

I’ve known Meghann Foster for twenty years since we were undergraduates together at UI. She has consistently been a community-oriented leader in every capacity in which we have been acquainted, from our undergraduate classroom discussions to her tenure as a tireless volunteer with the Kids Care Coop to leading excellent yoga classes, of which I’ve been a grateful participant, to recently working together on a pop-up activist Shakespeare production.

Outside of our acquaintance, Meghann has led and volunteered on several local political campaigns and social movements, attained a Master’s degree, taught at the UI, served on the board of directors of the Coralville Food Pantry, advised the Johnson County Affordable Homes Coalition and is raising five caring and confident children. As a proud citizen of Coralville for the last 15 years, I cast my vote for Meghann knowing that she will strengthen our community with her progressive voice on our city council by seeing to it that every voice is represented and respected. I urge you to learn more about Meghann by visiting her website, to meet her at one of her upcoming election events and to mark your calendar to cast a vote for her on Nov. 7.

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— Tara Dutcher, Coralville

Foster ‘will serve Coralville with distinction’

I endorse Meghann Foster for Coralville City Council. I have known Meghan for over 20 years as her teacher, her colleague and her friend. I can say from personal experience that she’s an outstanding individual and will serve Coralville with distinction.

Her solid background in community activism and administration will be invaluable to the council. Her passionate commitment combined with a strong sense of social justice qualify her as a leader for us all. She’s tenacious and singularly focused. I feel confident she will bring great energy to the council. Please join me in voting for Meghann Foster for Coralville City Council on Nov. 7.

— John Cameron

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