Letter to the editor: An endorsement from Zach Wahls’ seventh-grade teacher

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Zach Wahls announces his candidacy for Iowa State Senate. Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017. — photo by Zak Neumann

By Lois Altmaier Crowley, Iowa City

I am writing to encourage my neighbors and friends to vote for Zach Wahls. I met Zach in my seventh-grade Global Studies class at Northwest Junior High. In seventh grade Zach had a keen interest in global affairs and was one of my best and brightest students. He was a participant at the district-wide Global Issues Conference after writing a competitive essay.

With Zach’s passionate interest in community affairs, his educational background and his ability to connect with all groups and listen to community concerns, I see Zach as the strongest candidate to represent us in the state legislature. I think its essential for us as a community to give all the supports we can for this young passionate voice that will be our senator in Des Moines. A vote for Zach is a vote for the present and the future. Please vote on June 5 in the primary for Zach Wahls.

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