Letter to the editor: Support Zach Wahls on June 5

Zach Wahls announces his candidacy for Iowa State Senate. Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017. — photo by Zak Neumann

By Patti Fields, Iowa City

As a resident of Scott Precinct, I am proudly supporting Zach Wahls for Senate District 37. Having been fortunate to know and watch Zach in action while I served on the school board, I am honored to support such a compassionate and energetic leader. Zach cares deeply about the issues that impact all of us and he is a strong believer in public education as an opportunity for all children.

Zach’s priorities for innovative education, college readiness and universal pre-k education are the issues that speak directly to my heart. He will fight to keep tuition affordable. He will fight for universal pre-k education. He will fight for keeping our students safe and education accessible for everyone. He will fight for all of us.

As a person who acts with integrity and thoughtfulness, Zach will be ready to hit the ground running and represent Senate District 37 in the way we need. Please join me in supporting Zach Wahls on Tuesday, June 5.

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