Letter to the Editor: Paul Ryan promoting a higher birth rate? “Misogyny in its finest hour!”

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) — photo by Tony Alter

By Jeanne Liston

I frequently have the TV on when I’m doing work in my kitchen and the other day was no exception. CNN happened to be on and I caught the last few minutes of Paul Ryan’s news conference. I wasn’t paying much attention until I heard him advocating for the overhaul of entitlements and increasing the birth rate in this country. I thought I’d heard wrong. Sure I knew cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid have been wet dreams of his for as long as he’s been in Congress, but increasing the birth rate was news to me. I thought maybe I’d heard wrong, so I looked it up on YouTube and sure enough, there he was promoting a higher birth rate in this country.

Is that the real reason for the cuts to family planning? Make more worker bees? Or is it the philosophy of the evangelical organization Quiverfull? — making more solders for Christ? Another distinct possibility is to keep women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. That would cut down on the sexual harassment claims. Misogyny in its finest hour!

We already have over 7 billion people on this planet with projections of over 11 billion by 2100 and Ryan is advocating to increase the birth rate. He said we need more people paying into Social Security as our population in this country ages. What about the 800,000 Dreamers that could be deported if Congress doesn’t act? What about all of the suffering immigrants that we are keeping out of this country? Oh, I forgot! They’re not Christians and they’re not white!

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