Letter to the editor: Mike Carberry puts policy over platitudes

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Johnson County Supervisor Mike Carberry reads a proclamation during an rally celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the Pentacrest. Monday, Oct. 9, 2017. — photo by Zak Neumann

By Laurie Tulchin, Iowa City

If you are undecided about who to vote for in the June 5 primary for county supervisor, I encourage you to visit Mike Carberry’s website, where for the past five months he has posted over two dozen clearly stated accomplishments and specific policy proposals for voters to evaluate. Or you can look at his posts on Facebook, watch a taped forum or read his postcards or other literature for insight into his detailed policy positions.

I’m supporting Mike because he is the only candidate who supports the new County Land Use Map that promotes growth around cities and discourages the rezoning of agricultural land for residential subdivisions in rural areas where no infrastructure exists. He is committed to protecting farmland from development in the North Corridor.

In contrast, no matter how many candidate forums you watch, postcards you receive in the mail or how long you look at her website, it is nearly impossible to determine Pat Heiden’s positions on the main issues in the campaign. There is no way to gauge how Heiden will vote on issues because she has only been a registered Democrat for two years. Before that she was a Republican for 34 of 36 years. Those are deeply held, ingrained beliefs that cannot be erased by simply switching parties. Heiden repeatedly responds with “collaboration, cooperation, compromise and common sense” and promises to bring “stakeholders” to the table and listen to them. These are meaningless platitudes masquerading as policy and say nothing about how Heiden will vote on the issues.

Choose a candidate who is honest about what he will do and how he will vote on the issues that matter. Choose Mike Carberry for Johnson County Supervisor on June 5.

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  1. Carberry is a narcisist, sexist weasel and a shitty manager. His life’s work WAS in renewable engery until he crippled I-Renew by applying the aforementioned qualities. Now he talks about food despite knowing jack and shit about food policy, systems or practices because he fucked up his previous career. He and Rettig are each a hostile work environment on two legs.

  2. I have known Mike Carberry for many years and while he headed Irenew. My daughter worked for him as an intern during the Summer and helped in organize the Irenew vent that year. She enjoyed her time there and came away with a great admiration for Mike Carberry and his commitment to renewal energy and environmental issues. Carberry’s vast knowledge of State and federal environmental policies is vast. He is more committed to renewable energy and environmental issues than any candidate running for County Supervisor. A vote for Carberry is in your best interests environmentally and financially.

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