Letter to the Editor: Legislative session opens today; call now

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A sign near the location of the Women’s March on Washington on Jan. 21, 2017 — photo by Eleanore Taft

By Kelly Garrett

Dear fellow corridor dwellers!

Congress is back in session today and that means it’s time to start writing and calling our reps again. Need a topic? Here are a few, but there are many other issues as well.

Reauthorizing/funding CHIP

Sending aid to Puerto Rico which is still without power 100+ days after Hurricane Maria

Invoking the 25th amendment in reaction to the “nuclear tweet”

Passing a clean DREAM act to protect people brought to America as children from being deported

The Opioid Crisis — [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions announced today his DOJ will be cracking down on legal marijuana in the states where it’s legalized, instead of using those resources on the real crisis at hand.

Earned benefits like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are programs you pay into your entire working life. They are not “entitlements.” The Republican congress has already vowed to end these “handouts.”

Keeping net neutrality

Stricter gun control — the largest mass shooting in our history happened just a few months ago in Las Vegas, but congress has done nothing to prevent another terrorist attack.

Here are their phone numbers in DC. I also use a great app called Resistbot, which faxes your reps your letter. It’s very helpful if you’re not a phone call person.

Joni Ernst — 202-224-3254
Chuck Grassley — 202-224-3744
Dave Loebsack — 202-225-6576
Rod Blum — 202-225-2911

You can find your state representatives here:

Call or write as often as you can about as many issues as you can. Let’s make 2018 the year we save our democracy.

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