Letter from the Editors: Taking the next step


This election cycle has both revealed and fomented a strong divide in our communities and across the nation. While for some it will take time to move forward from this, we urge members of our community to reach out to one another, to raise awareness of discrimination, harassment and other wrongs and to work toward understanding where possible.

As always, but especially now, we offer the pages of Little Village as a place for members of the community to have their voices heard.

At Little Village, we have a commitment to channeling the power of journalism and the written word to shine a light on our core values: affordability and access, economic and labor justice, environmental sustainability, racial justice, gender equity, quality healthcare and education and critical culture.

We are a safe space for those within our communities who feel the need to speak out on these issues, on the recent election and on where we are headed next. We hope our readers will take the time to read and understand and participate in the community discussions that are needed in such a charged atmosphere.

Journalism has the power to reveal wrongs and hold those in power accountable for their actions. It has the power to give a voice to members of our community who feel silenced. It is needed, now more than ever. And you are needed, now more than ever. Join us in driving conversation. Speak out; we will amplify you.

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 210.

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