Kurt Vile

w. Brooks Strause, The Lonelyhearts, Paleo
Sunday, April 3 – The Mill

Kurt Vile’s music seems like the perfect distillation of his parent’s record collection. While he might seem to be channelling Mick Jagger, Bruce Springsteen and Marc Bolan, his originality arises from channelling them all at the same time. His early albums, Childish Prodigy, God Is Saying This To You and Constant Hitmaker, bear the hallmarks of self-taught home recording: lame drum-machine beats and over-the-top reverb. But the method can’t obscure his perfect ear for melody. They are the rock and roll fantasies of an aimless youth, inviting you into a perfect teenage stoner daydream.

His new record, Smoke Ring For My Halo, is recorded and produced by John Agnello, who has worked with Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr.–no doubt two of Vile’s idols. The professional production brings his songs into sharper focus. They recall the deep songcraft of Alex Chilton, full of harmonic twists and turns that make you want to sing along.

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