Joni Ernst sends fundraising letter attacking Democrats for ‘dirty tricks’ against Brett Kavanaugh

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Sen. Joni Ernst during the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of her town hall meeting at Coe College. Friday, March 17, 2017. — Zak Neumann/Little Village

In a year-end fundraiser letter for her reelection campaign, Sen. Joni Ernst warned Iowans that billionaires “from both coasts” are trying to undermine their “Heartland values,” and reminded potential contributors about her support for Brett Kavanaugh.

“I sincerely respect that others hold different views,” the Iowa Republican, who frequently touts her commitment to bipartisanship, wrote, before using terms taken from President Trump to claim those others are dictatorial and corrupt.

“On one side, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer simply don’t want us to drain the swamp because they think they know how to run your life better than you do,” Ernst wrote. She goes on to declare, “The liberal’s vision for America seems to have no end to expanding their grip over the rights of individuals.”

“After their last-minute dirty tricks to try and derail the Kavanaugh nomination, I worry more and more that they seem to slander anyone those who dare to differ from their narrative by exercising the right to free speech,” she continued.

This isn’t the first time Ernst has denounced people who opposed Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In October, Ernst gave an interview to a North Dakota television station in which she called the vote against Kavanaugh cast by Sen. Heidi Heitkamp as “reprehensible.” Ernst dismissed Heitkamp’s stated reasons for her vote, and said the North Dakota Democrat was just “following political lines, and Judge Kavanaugh was shamelessly put through the wringer by Democratic operatives.”

Ernst also said on a CBS Radio podcast that month that there was “absolutely no evidence” of any wrongdoing by Kavanaugh, and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Kavanaugh of sexual assaulting her when they were teenagers, was confused.

Well, a lot of things can change through a number of years, and sometimes you can displace people. You may not remember what their face looks like, you may not remember physical characteristics. But there might be something that triggers and replaces that face with somebody else’s face.

In her fundraising letter, Ernst tells potential contributors she was “raised on the farm voice of common sense,” and asks for a “Victory Gift” of $50, $100 and $250. Such gifts are needed to “prove to ‘progressives’ and their billionaire backers from both coasts that we are armed with courage and resources to defend our Heartland values.”

Ernst is in her first term in the Senate, and announced last month she is running for reelection in 2020. According to her letter, she is “Marked for defeat — because I won’t cave in.”

“I am being targeted because I vote FOR tax cuts, free market policies, conservative judges and the rule of law,” Ernst claimed.

Ernst is not expected to face a primary challenge in her reelection bid.

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  1. I too was raised on a farm. I too have a great deal of common sense. I disagree completely with Earnest. Both parties need to move to a central position. It’s about time all these folks had a job description and were required to follow it.

  2. Disgusting. No Evidence? You mean other than her sworn testimony?

    Oh, she means no evidence because they blocked the FBI from actually investigating to see if there was enough there to remove him.

    That “no evidence.”

    Ernst is trash

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