Pete Buttigieg drops out of the 2020 race, one day after being certified as the Iowa Caucus winner

After almost a month of problems and delays, the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) finally certified the results of the Iowa Caucus on Saturday, declaring Pete Buttigieg the winner and awarding him an extra delegate for winning the most state delegate equivalents (SDEs). On Sunday, Buttigieg dropped out of the 2020 presidential race. Speaking to supporters […]

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The Iowa Democratic Party wrapped up its recount, but the Sanders campaign — and AP — remain unsatisfied

The Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) published the results of its limited recount of caucus results on Thursday night, and although the recount corrected errors founded in 19 of the 23 precincts it examined, the IDP said those corrections did not change the previously announced number of delegates awarded to each candidate. On Feb. 10, a […]

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The Buttigieg and Sanders campaigns request caucus recounts

The Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) is considering recount requests from the Buttigieg and Sanders campaigns. The Buttigieg campaign is requesting a recount in 54 caucus precincts, and the Sanders campaign wants recounts in 10 precincts. The Sanders campaign publicly announced on Tuesday it would seek a recount of some caucus precincts following the IDP’s recanvass […]

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