Iowa City Weekender – October 9-11

When it rains it pours. As in the commitments I’ve had in the last two weeks. Other than a trip to see Kathy Griffin (hilarious) I’ve been in a cocoon. Thus, the weekender had to take a two-week hiatus. But, we’re back, and hopefully, we’ll never leave you in the lurch ever again. Let’s get down to it.

Thursday, October 9

Iowa City Experimental Film Festival | Adler Communications Building, Room 105, U Iowa | 8-10pm | Free

The University of Iowa film department is well known as an experimental program. In that vein, the ICE Festival is back with genre and form-breaking work from around the world. The program runs all weekend, but Thursday is the night to catch the Iowa program. It’s different, enjoy it.

Friday, October 10

Subprime Crises Symposium | hotelVetro | Friday and Sat | $150

Ok, I know, you probably don’t have $150 to spare. But why not dress up like the waitstaff and trysneaking in? Get some knowledge on the lending crisis that’s currently ruining the land (and probably the cause of you not having $150 for a symposium). Oh, and off-topic, but I just realized that the official spelling of the hotel Vetro is hotelVetro. When will the lack-of-spaces-and-proper-capitalization trend ever end?

Second City: Deface the Nation | Englert Theatre | 8pm | $22-27

For a different take on the collapse of our monetary and moral economies (and at a better price), check your political stripes at the door and sit down for a bipartisan skewering from the folks at the Second City comedy troupe. Although, let’s be honest, the McCain/Palin ticket has a lot more material to work with, so expect some of that. Another all-weekend (Th-Sun) event.

Saturday, October 11

The Museum Party | hotelVetro | 8-11pm | $100

Again, if you’ve got $100 to spare, grab some grub and save some art. The University of Iowa Museum of Art is hosing an hors d’oeuvres and wine reception. Party attire required (what kind of party, they don’t say). Music by The Diplomats of Solid Sound, featuring the Diplomettes.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone | Public Space ONE | 9pm | $5

For the cheaper set. According to our Mission Freak friend and LV staffer Craig Eley if you’re curious about the PS1 shows, “wait no longer and just come check out Casiotone for the Painfully Alone.” Daytrotter finds a “universal beauty” in Casiotone’s scruffy synth sound. Ill Ease, Gangi, and Rainbow Arabia open. PS1 is in the basement of the Jefferson Building.