Iowa City Weekender – June 18-21

Mississippi Valley Blues Festival July 2-4
The IC Weekender is sponsored by the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival, July 2-4, 2009

Oh Weekend, where do you end?
And where does Week begin?

Oh Sun, you shine whenever you please.
And oh Rain, you sometimes fall.

But we never stay inside.
We go out.

For reasons.
For reasonable reasons.

Reasons that are so plain, so obvious,
They hardly bear mentioning.

But mention them we will, for this is your time, Weekend.
This is your moment.

This is when we take you from the back of our minds — where you feverishly dwell, banging your fabulous body against the walls of your cage — and place you in the center, the very epicenter, of our cumulative attention, which is so focused, so very rapt, that you might swear the earth is shaking.

But it is not the earth that is shaking, Weekend, it is you.  You are trembling in anticipation.  Anticipation of a great bout?  A blissful romp with your adoring fans, tails wagging, through the tall grasses of Johnson County?  No, no.  You are like a charmingly bashful suitor, diamond ring in sweating palm, twitching, preparing yourself to pop the big question.

Will we be yours, oh Weekend?

Relax, Sweet Weekend, the answer is Yes.  You had us at Tuesday.

Now, let’s see those diamonds:


ida mariaIDA MARIA w/ The School of Flyentology, Beast Wars | Picador | 9:30 pm | $8

Batting lead off for the Picador, comin’ straight outta Norway, a young rocker named Ida.

Video: Oh My God

“Bright, articulate, entertaining – and mad as a hatter – she is one of the most original singer-songwriters of recent years.”  The Sun

Thumbs UP, Ida!!

“There’s been a lot of pros and cons of doing music because the world we live in isn’t exactly constructed to welcome a girl with an electric guitar and a f****d-up voice. It’s been hard and I’ve given up approximately 130,000 times.”

Thumbs DOWN, girl!!  Don’t quit!!  Iowa City loves you, and we’re going to come tell you so.   Go give Ida a high five Thursday at the Picador, please.

If you want to see more, check out this video.
(Warning: Video Boring, but kind of weird and funny because John Norris looks like he’s 19 and being played by Ted Danson)

SPIN – SXSW 2009: Ida Maria Interview

FRIDAY – Date Night

Start in the Pedestrian Mall, downtown Iowa City, where The Awful Purdies will be performing as part of the Summer of the Arts “Friday Night Concert Series.”

Little Village is this week’s official “presenting sponsor,” so come down and see us!  And then….

Reading: Simon Van Booy | Prairie Lights Books | 7 pm | FREE

That’s right, City of Literature, ye olde Prairie Lights is hosting Simon Van Booy (The Secret Lives of People in Love), who will read from his new collection, Love Begins in Winter.

“Beautiful…each of these stories has moments of sheer loveliness.” – Publishers Weekly


Now head down the block to Chef’s Table (223 E. Washington) for a schmancy dinner in the new French place that everybody’s been talking about, but nobody seems to really know about.

Wow, Date Night, how could you possibly be more romantic?

Um, post-rock?

RUSSIAN CIRCLES w/ Coliseum | Picador | 9 pm | $10

Soaring instrumental intensity, oh goody… Hit up their MySpace if you haven’t heard of them— this show will be badass, probably packed, and way, way romantic.


Liberty Leg w/ Beast Wars and Tim Krein | The Mill | 9 pm | $6

Local heroes Liberty Leg need no introduction.  If you don’t know Liberty Leg… Do not pass go, get to the Mill Saturday night.

That’s all for now.  Don’t forget your daddy on Sunday!  Phone calls, bear hugs, tuck in your shirt and take him to dinner, etc.  Ahhh, Hallmark holidays.  Say what you will, they sometimes do present the perfect opportunity to reach out, say what we often forget to say, remember loved ones that have passed, and extend an olive branch to those that haven’t.

Have a great Weekend, Iowa City.


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