Iowa City Weekender: August 9-11

Welcome back to the Weekender! We are all over the board this week. Whether it’s legendary blues, nerdy hip hop or local Iowa City folk, this is the weekend for you. Enjoy.


Taj Mahal Trio // Englert // 8:00 PM // $35-$50

American blues artist we know as Taj Mahal grew up in a musical home. His mother sang in the church choir and his father was a West Indian piano arranger. Because of his father’s musical connections, his family hosted musicians from all over the globe. Not only was young Taj introduced to advanced musicianship at a young age, but he was exposed to music from all over the world. This experience would stick with him for the rest of his career. 70 years and 25 studio albums later, Taj Mahal is still churning out American blues with an emphasis on infusing elements of world music. He has received two Grammys for Best Contemporary Blues Album. 2012 marks the man’s 70th birthday, and Taj shows little sign of slowing down.


MC Chris w. Powerglover, Richie Branson // Gabe’s //8:00 PM // $15

In addition to his music career, MC Chris has worked as an animator, voice actor and writer for several shows on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Some of the shows he worked on includes Sealab 2021, The Brak Show, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He has now turned his focus on music, and it’s proven to be a good move. He’s worked with names like Talib Kweli, Andrew WK, Cee-Lo Green and Childish Gambino. You might recognize the song below from a Honda commercial. He’s also associated with this thing called “nerdcore,” but tends to distance himself from the subculture. As he’s currently touring the country, his very own cartoon, The MC Chris Cartoon is in production. He’s certainly a busy and ambitious dude. Fellow rapper, Richie Branson and Powerglover open.


Awful Purdies// Englert// 8:00 PM // $10

The Awful Purdies have been around for just 6 years, but they already seem to be an Iowa City staple. The folk group consists of five ladies who attempt to answer, “Is there a musical life for women after children, family and career?” The answer seems to be yes, as these gals have continued to play and create music. Their ensemble includes a guitar, fiddle, accordion, harp and cello. This show will not only be a part of the Intimate at the Englert Series, but is also an album release show! The Purdies’ sophomore album, Hiatus will be available tonight. Gabrielle Kouri will open the show.

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