Iowa City Weekender: August 6-10

Greetings Weekenders!

Welcome to the calm before the storm.  As Iowa City waits with open arms for her many thousands of children to return, there are but 2 weekends left to enjoy the peace, quiet and parking spaces of Iowa City in the Summer time.

So, what to do, what to do?


Deathships w/ 5 In A Hand, Wax Cannon & Olivia Rose Muzzie | The Mill | 9 pm | $6

Former Iowa City scenester Dan Maloney brings his band, Deathships, back to their home stage at The Mill.  Big guitars are carefully arranged to leave plenty of room for soaring 2 and 3-part vocal harmonies, creating emphatic blends — 1 part wall of sound, 2 parts pop anthem.  Anyway, I’m not a music writer, really… go see for yoursefl!


Hardacre Film Festival | Hardacre Theater, Tipton | Aug 7-8

More than 30 films will be shown this weekend at the Hardacre Film Festival, in Tipton.  Some feature length documentaries or narratives, some live action shorts, some animated shorts… all air-conditioned.  Beat the heat this Saturday and go see what Tipton’s all about.

If you aren’t into the movie, just walk out in a huff and go bargain hunting!  This weekend is Tipton’s annual “Ridiculous Days” celebration, where local shops ‘go crazy with their prices and take to the sidewalks.‘  Woo hoo!  Trinkets!

Sunday – Day of Rest and stuff.

Coffee, bagel, Little Village.

Make local news a part of your daily routine.



Dungen w/ Woods | The Picador | 9 pm | $12 advance

Nothing like a monday night rock show.  Swedish band Dungen is on a massive US tour, and they know very well that no massive US tour is complete without a stop in Iowa City.  Check out this video, which appears to have been shot in Solon, IA in 1977 )

Dungen will be at the Picador on Monday night with Woods

Have a great weekend, peoples!


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