Iowa City Weekender: April 15-18

Greetings, Weekenders!

Hold please… I must check my watch…

Yes, just as I suspected, Peak Weekend Season is upon us again.  Complete with weather you lap up spoon by mother loving spoonful. Soaking in magazines on the ped mall, or getting your sport on at College Green.  Biking down to the river, happening upon the Bijou.  Digging awesome documentaries with your sun-stoned friends until you are all overflowing with the sweet, sweet, heavenly nectar of Iowa City.

No, seriously.  As of this writing, it will be 60s and sunny all weekend in Iowa City!

And no, seriously, Iowa City is awesome! Somewhere, somehow, in the depths of, and thanks to the powers of Facebook, John Schlotfelt inadvertantly tipped me off to Iowa’s having been, perhaps dubiously, featured in Savage Love.  The long and short is Savage considers us a good destination for the socially responsible expenditure of (especially gay) tourist dollars.  What will Steve King say? Nothing dubious about the high praise Iowa City receives in the comments section.

Oh man, Iowa City rules.

What’s that, Forbes?

I said Iowa City rules!  Well, almost.


Opening Night: Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival (IC DOCS)

Just the Schedule (heck, let’s include all three days) :


7:00pm – 9:00pm

Presenting Mr. Lincoln – John Richard (8 mins)
A Year in the Life – Atom Burke (24 mins)
Focused: Peter Phelan Surgeon – Ryan Reeve & Cole Quamme (12 mins)
Time in the Minors – Tony Okun (60 mins)


4:30pm – 6:30pm

Settling In – Lisa Danker (6 mins)
What Else Would I Do? – Owen Wade & Joel Bouwers (11 mins)
Lucy’s Terrace – Caryn Cline (4 mins)
Self Portrait of Others – Ariana Hamidi (27 mins)
Lost in the Flood – Douglas Katelus (11 mins)
Abstract Threat – Jesse Damazo (1 min)
Genetic Reclamation Area – Charles Chadwick (6 mins)
Intrusion – Evan Moore (4 mins)
Nobody Wants to be Afraid – Alex Moeller (10 mins)

7:00pm – 9:00pm

Introducing the Stumptown Shooters – Margaret Stratton (27 mins)
This Kind of Town – Marcy Saude (5 mins)
Giri Chit – Simon Tarr (14 mins)
Yue Opera – Jun Liang Dai (28 mins)
The Bay Swimmers – Jesse Damazo (4 mins)
Surface Kinetic – David Ellsworth (14 mins)
Aliki – Richard Wiebe (5 mins)
The Linn St. Kids – Jamie Amy Ann (17 mins)


3:00pm – 5:00pm
A Harlem Mother – Ivana Todorovic (13 mins)
Iowa Mixtape – Paul Lovelace & Jessica Wolfson (14 mins)
UI Breakers – Joe Clarke (6 mins)
Fledgling – Tony Gault & Elizabeth Henry (7 mins)
For Memories’ Sake – Ashley Maynor (30 mins)
Today is Sunday – Adam Muri-Rosenthal (21 mins)
A Short, Timeless Film – Joe Bookman (13 mins)

7:00pmJudge’s Screening (Feature) (Adler Journalism Building, Rm. 105)

  • Youth Knows No Pain – Mitch McCabe (88 mins)


The Right Now | Iowa City | All day | Free – $7

Chicago’s The Right Now are a wonderful combination of Diplomats of Solid Sound, Massive Attack and Amy Winehouse, and they are spending the day in Iowa City this Friday.  Check out some tracks from their new albume, Carry Me Home, on MySpace, and if you like, choose from the following live experiences available to you this Friday:

2 pm Java Blend (live at the Java House)

4:30 KRUI

9 pm at the Blue Moose for only $6-7

*Also of note: Kevin Gordon at the Mill and Funkotron at the Yacht Club


The Mayflies + Cirque Stupendo | New Pi Co-op Coralville | 11 am – 4 pm | FREE

Get bargain basement prices on tons of fresh organic crap-ola at the Co-op’s annual Tent Sale, or just go dig the music of The Mayflies and the marvelous specatacle of superhuman feats that is the great Cirque Stupendo!


Captured! By Robots | The Mill | 9 pm | $10

Captured! By Robots is the story of a musician who thought he wanted a band of robots, so he built them, but was subsequently enslaved by them and taken on tour.  Watch the drama unfold at the Mill this Sunday!

Have a great weekend,

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