Iowa City adds more glass recycling drop-off locations

New glass recycling drop-off container at Robert Al Lee Recreation Center. — Paul Brennan/Little village

Iowa City has added three new glass recycling drop-off locations, including one not actually in Iowa City.

The new glass recycling containers can be found in parking lots of Upper City Park and the Robert A. Lee Recreation Center, as well as the Coralville Drop-Off Recycling Center at 950 Hughes St.

Just like the recently repainted glass recycling containers at the East Side Recycling Center, the South Riverside Recycling Center and the Iowa City Landfill and Recycling Center, the new containers have a distinctive purple lid.

The purple-lidded containers are for glass only, but not all glass can be recycled through the city’s program. According to the Iowa City Division of Resource Management, the following types of glass should not be put into recycling containers.

• Window/pane glass

• Laminated glass/windshields

• China/leaded glass, milk glass

• Pyrex, Corningware, dishware

• Mirrors

• Light bulbs

Resource Management is asking people to rinse out glass containers that held food or drink before putting them into a recycling container. Labels and lids can stay on jars and bottles. If your going to remove the lids, metal ones can be recycled, but plastic ones can’t and should be put in the trash.

The city also has a recycling drop-off for corks, provided they are made from natural cork. Those corks can be dropped off at the cork recycling bin in the Oil Shed at Eastside Recycling Center. “Plastic/foam corks are trash,” according to a news release from Resource Management. That’s meant as advice on how to dispose of plastic and foam corks, not a criticism of anyone’s choice of wine.