In Which I Highjack The Weekender NOV 27-NOV 30

Hi, Kent Williams here. I kinda sorta talked to Melody about doing a Weekender post, but we didn’t really get beyond the ‘sure why not?’ planning stage, so I’m operating here on the principle that it’s easier to apologize than ask permission. Anyhoo…

The Mill

Thursday: Monroe Crossing. A Bluegrass outfit that tours nationally and won awards for their work.  Listening to Bluegrass at the Mill? Essential Iowa City Experience! 7PM SHOWTIME.

Friday: Joe & Vickie Price. Country Blues and Fingerstyle Guitar from a living legend of Iowa Blues. 8PM SHOWTIME

Saturday: Simon Joyner w. Ed Gray/ Twelve Canons/ Coyote Blood. This is where I’ll be Saturday Night! Simon Joyner is a founding member of the Omaha scene that produced Bright Eyes and Cursive, but in my opinion he writes better than either of those groups.  Ed Gray — songwriter, philosopher, bargain whiskey connoisseur, janitor — an unpredictable and riveting performer. Twelve Canons — idiosyncratic purveyors of the tuneful and strange.  Coyote Blood — the return of Iowa City’s most stripped down, raw, roots music duo.

The Picador

Thursday: Physical Challenge What began as a lark has turned into an institution — Both Floors of the Picador with DJs spinning eclectic booty bumping music.

Friday: FLOOD BENEFIT W/Radio Moscow, Funkstar 9, Moral Belief Early show. Radio Moscow is a band from Ames who wear their love of classic RAWK music on their sleeves. No idea about the other bands. EARLY SHOW: DOOR 6PM

Friday: River & The Tributaries & TBA River & The Tributaries are from Dubuque, released their first CD while still in High School. They write interesting songs featuring tight dual-guitar lines. Opening are the ever-popular TBA. DOOR 10PM

Saturday:Job For A Cowboy with Hate Eternal, All Shall Perish, Animosity, Annotations of an Autopsy — All Ages Metal Show, complete with Cookie Monster Vocals! DOOR 6PM

Saturday:Vampire Hands with Royal Bangs, Supersonic Piss. Vampire Hands are a Minneapolis band who remind me of the Liars. Royal Bangs sound to be part of the Prog revival, without being too irritating or jammie. Supersonic Piss are “local brain melting, physically challenging, noise punk goons” according to Mission Freak, and who am i to argue? DOOR 10PM

Yacht Club

Thursday: Dead Larry + 5 In Hand + Darma Bums. Dead Larry is one of those ‘made for the Yacht Club’ bands — a little bit classic rock, a little psychedelic, a little bit of comedy.

Friday: Mayflies + Harmonic Order. The Mayflies are a venerable bluegrass outfit that branches out from the strictly traditional. A fine time had by all.

Saturday: Local Clamor + TBA. Local Clamor is a Jazz band with enough funk to get the ladies dancing and the fellows nodding they heads. And that TBA, what can’t they play?

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The Industry

Thursday: Pale Young Gentlemen + Pictures of Then + Beati Paloi. Pale Young Gentlemen are an interesting band from Madison that incorporate a string section on their records. Pictures Of Then from Minneapolis dispense clean well-lighted pop. Beati Paloi thread the needle between Rush-style prog and more conventional alternative rock. They’re from Des Moines, and therefore deserve our sympathy.

Friday:Blue Moon Revue + David Haack Trio. Blue Moon Revue They’re from Chicago and claim to be ‘modern rock’ whatever that means. From their myspace song selection, not the worst bunch of guys you’d run into at the North Halsted Guitar Center. David Haack Trio — A nice young gent from Des Moines (poor fellow) who plays the Blues Rock.

Saturday: The Station w/The Hue. Dear Bands, if you’re going to get written up here, choose a name that is unique enough to point to you when Googled. Sincerely, me. I’ve no idea which “The Station” or “The Hue” will be playing at the Industry Saturday. Perhaps they should change their name to “Nun Monkey Snort Nozzle” because Google finds nothing for that.


TROUBLE THE WATER: Wednesday, 11/19: 7:00, 9:00 Thursday, 11/20: 7:00, 9:00. According to all the write-ups I’ve seen, perhaps the best New Orleans/Katrina documentary so far. It’s Wednesday NOW as I write this, and tomorrow is Thursday, the last night. Don’t sleep on this one.

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