Hy-Vee is replacing its Market Grilles with Wahlburgers

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Waterfront HyVee. Wednesday, Feb 5, 2020. — Zak Neumann/Little Village

Hy-Vee will be closing all its Market Grille restaurants and turning over those locations to Wahlburgers, the Boston-based burger chain started by Paul Wahlberg and his brothers, actor Mark (Boogie Nights, The Happening) and singer Donnie (New Kids on the Block).

“Our customers are wanting more fresh and convenient meal options,” Hy-Vee said in a written statement.

According to Wahlburgers’ site Paul designed the menu based on what he and his brother ate growing up.

With menu items like the sloppiest Sloppy Joe’s, the tastiest tater tots, and frothiest frappes, based on the same recipes Paul and his 8 siblings devoured as kids — taken to another Wahlberg-ian level.

Come chow down on Mark’s favorite burger topped with all things Thanksgiving. Dip a handful of fries into Wahl Sauce that’s so delicious you keep asking for more. Hit the bar for a Wahlcoction or top off your night with a delicious adult frappe. So don’t just go out. Come to Wahlburgers and GO WAHL OUT.

Hy-Vee said employees will be laid off as Market Grilles close, but did not provide an estimate of how many jobs would be lost. The company said its restaurants will remain open and serve a limited menu as the changeover occurs. The transition to Wahlburgers is scheduled to be complete by early summer.

This is the second announcement involving lay-offs the West Des Moines-based supermarket chain has made this week. On Tuesday, the company said it is closing all four of the fulfillment centers for its Aisles Online delivery service.

The only fulfillment center in Iowa is located in Urbandale, which employs 368 people. According to a notification sent to workers, the center will cease filling orders on March 23 and layoffs will begin May 6.

According to a statement from Hy-Vee, “We are listening to our customers and they are wanting a full assortment of products, personalized shoppers and same-day pick-up at the store, which we are unable to fully provide when we process orders at a fulfillment center.”

The three other fulfillment centers are located in Kansas City, Missouri, Eagan, Minnesota and Omaha, Nebraska. All three will cease operations at the same time as the Urbandale location.

Last month, Hy-Vee cut back hours of store operations, eliminating 24-hour service at almost all its 265 stores in eight Midwestern states.

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