Hot Tin Roof: Prompt for the Planet

Hot Tin Roof is a program to showcase current literary work produced in Iowa City. The series is organized and juried by representatives of three Iowa City-based cultural advocacy organizations: Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature and Little Village magazine, with financial support from M.C. Ginsberg Objects of Art.

Hot Tin Roof

A Special Edition of The Green Room: Prompt for the Planet, with Avery Bang, Amanda Gorman, Jessica Pray

The Englert Theatre — Sunday, April 22 at 3 p.m.

Prompt for the Planet is a call to action sent out by the nation’s first Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, to the emerging generation of leaders and innovators. The prompt asks young people to decide what is worth fighting for in response to growing concerns over climate change, poverty, global conflict, health access, education equity and so much more. The prompt has traveled from preschools to college classrooms asking students to lend their voices to discussions and art projects focused on passion, empathy and action. Prompt for the Planet has lead local workshops with young adults to create and collect responses. With these voices, used to shed light upon the problems that will face rising generations, we hope to activate the next change makers in our community.

Shannon Nolan, Prompt for the Planet Teaching Assistant

Before you unleash your fire &
destruction on my forests
Before you cut my trees
Before you build your “homes”
Think of me
Because I am
beautiful & deserve
to be treated as

––Mother Nature (your home), by Madaline, 19

Every drop is the
between life & death; so
why do you pour me
out by the bucket?

––water, by Klaudia, 18

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 241.

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