Get out of the way, I need my fuel!

It has happened, I just caught myself pushing Nellie aside and saying to her, get out of my way, I need my fuel.  That fuel would be coffee and Nellie would be my dog.  I know, it could be a slogan on a t-shirt, but what the heck it is true.  Feel free to ask my co-workers,  they will tell you, I need my coffee.  (And the story about my “coffee bender” and the whole caffeine intervention thing, just ignore that, some of them are such fabulists.)

Now, back to coffee. The darling little snowman/woman was created by Hiba @ Capanna Coffee, the best little coffee house in town.  Capanna Coffee is next to the Iowa City Public Library, my workplace.  Hiba, who manages Capanna, created Snowy, (I am now naming latte froth, heaven help me). Hiba made Snowy even though I requested a mocha.  You see mocha has chocolate syrup which makes it much more of a challenge to create a froth design.

Hiba was undaunted, in fact, the next day she made me a Christmas tree.

If you are out and about this weekend, visiting ICPL, shopping downtown, or just need some fuel, stop and get a cup of joy from Hiba.  And please, tell her I sent you.