Flash wedding on Pentacrest another bright spot during fireworks show

As fireworks lit the sky over the Pentacrest, Matt “Red” Rebelskey and Emily Sohn were married under the red and white glow of the July 3 display. The couple organized what people called a flash wedding. About 15 minutes before the fireworks display began, the couple — along with a few dozen friends and family — descended down the stairs in front of the Old Capitol and took up position. Rebelskey’s close friend Andre Perry performed the ceremony.

The group, which included close friends and family of Rebelskey and Sohn, organized at Deadwood bar in downtown Iowa City about an hour before making the march down to the Pentacrest. Friends had organized scouts to secure a location to hold the ceremony, as crowds had already started gathering at the front of the Old Capitol in preparation for the fireworks show.

With Sohn and Rebelskey leading the block-long group, the wedding received cheers and congratulations from spectators. As Perry began the ceremony, a crowd gathered in attendance. About halfway through the ceremony, the fireworks display started, casting a brilliant light on the wedding — and offering a wonderful backdrop for the couple. Finally, Matt Rebelskey and Emily Sohn were pronounced man and wife, causing a cheer that rivaled the fireworks.