Watch: Bernie Sanders on Black Lives Matter, militarized police and the insidious prison industrial complex

Shortly after his campaign stop in Seattle, Washington was interrupted by two Black Lives Matter activists, Bernie Sanders enlisted Symone Sanders as his national press secretary to augment his campaign’s racial justice awareness and shape related public policy.

“Clearly we have a failed criminal justice system,” he said in this interview with Little Village‘s Stacey Walker, referencing the United States’ incarceration rates, which outnumber “communist, authoritarian” China’s, adding: “lives are being destroyed every single day.”

“I don’t think people should be profiting off of the incarceration of fellow Americans,” Sanders says, and, “the bottom line is we’ve got to fight institutional racism in this country.”

Here, Sanders outlines a number of facts and changes necessary to U.S. police forces — “We need to create police departments that are seen as part of the community and are part of the community, rather than seen as oppressive forces.”:

Video: Sara Tate, PATV Channel 18, Iowa City, IA
Interview: Stacey Walker, Friday Sept. 4, 2015
Location: CSPS/Legion Arts, Cedar Rapids, IA

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