The ‘demure white supremacy of the Midwest’

Beneath a veneer of “niceness,” the Midwest is among the very worst places to live in the United States if you’re a person of color. That’s what historian and University of Iowa history professor Colin Gordon discovered while completing a report for the Iowa Policy Project titled “Race in the Heartland: Equity, Opportunity, and Public […]

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Cedar Rapids Community School District working with high school students on anti-racism initiatives

The Cedar Rapids Community School District is working to establish a Black student union at all four high schools and create a superintendent’s advisory council, among other action steps as part of the district’s anti-racist initiatives. Superintendent Noreen Bush provided an update on these efforts at the Board of Education’s Monday meeting. The update was […]

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City of Cedar Rapids shares how public can get involved in creation of a citizen review board

City staff shared information during Tuesday’s Cedar Rapids City Council meeting about the 90-day process to create a citizen review board, including how the public can get involved, goals of the process and next steps. But residents who spoke after the presentation during the meeting’s public comment period raised concerns about how the work is […]

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