Little Village Eastern Iowa issue 309: August 2022

Little Village issue 309
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For the first time since 2008, when the University of Iowa Museum of Art closed up amid historic flooding, UI’s collection of works by Grant Wood, Virginia Meyers, Jackson Pollock, Francisco Goya, Hiroshige Ando, Mauricio Lasansky, Elizabeth Catlett, William Blake, Indigenous artists, mask-makers, dadaists, photographers and much, much more finally have a permanent home. While Iowa City explores the new Stanley, UI astronomers are basking in beautiful new data from the James Webb Space Telescope, and even developing proposals for what to aim the ‘scope at next. Also in this issue: Tama and Meskwaki metal band Rehtek finds their sound, Micky’s Irish Pub plans a northward expansion, Spanglish speakers find pride in bilingualism, and Kiki has advice for friends going through very different fertility journeys. Plus: A legal guide to self-managed abortion care, and reviews of local albums and books.