Donation Drive: The Haunted Bookshop supports Public Space One

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Little Village’s Donation Drive pairs local businesses with nonprofits they believe in to raise awareness for these organizations and encourage giving this holiday season.

Presented by The Haunted Bookshop
Supporter Perk: Donate to PS1 while making a purchase at The Haunted Bookshop and have your donation matched; Sign up to be a sustaining member and get 10 percent off (details below)

The Haunted Bookshop carries 50,000 used books. They’re clean and well-kept, and they’re the best in fiction and nonfiction. It’s an anthology of Best Things Your Neighbors Have Owned. We select our books from Iowans and share with our community and visitors from around the world. We study and arrange so that we can help you explore your curiosity as easily as find one book.

Naturally, then, we support Public Space One, which provides our neighbors with opportunities to participate as creators, mentors, learners, audience. They welcome, they support, they give access and knowledge. They value, as we do, exploration and sharing, and importantly, freedom of expression.

While PS1 breaks down barriers for creators, we try to open doors, too. You’re welcome here, to browse or chat or read or write (and maybe rub a cat’s ear). Experiencing a book is its second creation: a reader has the power to imagine the author’s world.

Come for a visit. Find a surprise. Leave with a fresh sense of wonder.

Additional details:

Between now and Dec. 31, Haunted customers choose an amount to donate with purchase. We ring up half that amount on their purchase, then match the amount (sort of like Little Village Perks’ half-price gift cards).

For new Public Space One sustaining members who sign up during this time, or who raise their monthly donation rate: 10 percent off all purchases at the Haunted, now through Dec. 31, 2019.

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