Best of the CRANDIC Spotlight: The Haunted Bookshop still found a way to surprise customers during lockdown

Best of the CRANDIC 2021 winner: Most Commendable COVID-19 Mitigation Game, Best Toy Store The Haunted Bookshop has found clever ways to safely recreate the atmosphere of their beloved store, from the popular “Surprise Me!” option, which allows customers to […]

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The Haunted Bookshop turns 40

Despite its spooky-sounding name and the fact it’s in one of Iowa City’s oldest buildings, any mysterious noise heard in the Haunted Bookshop is likely the work of the shop’s cats, not ghosts. The store’s name comes from Christopher Morley’s 1919 novel, ‘The Haunted Bookshop.’ The only unquiet dead in the novel are “the ghosts of the books I haven’t read,” the fictional shop’s owner tells another character. “That’s why I call this place the Haunted Bookshop.” […]

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Celebrating the jólabókaflóð tradition this year? Here’s how!

Jólabókaflóð, roughly translated as “Yule book flood” and pronounced (again, roughly) /yo-la-bok-a-flot/, originated in Iceland during World War II. Paper, unlike many other commodities, was not rationed during the war, making books a perfect option for gift exchanges. […]

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