Chef Andy Schumacher to celebrate humane and sustainable farming practices with prix fixe dinner at Cobble Hill

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Niman Ranch Cobble Hill Dinner – SOLD OUT

Cobble Hill — Thursday, Nov. 8 at 6 p.m.

Cobble Hill Restaurant, 219 2nd St SE, Cedar Rapids. — Frankie Schneckloth/Little Village

Cedar Rapids restaurateur and chef Andy Schumacher aims to make prix fixe dining experiences a more accessible option for foodies in the Corridor area. Schumacher’s much-lauded Cobble Hill Restaurant will host a special Niman Ranch dinner this Thursday, Nov. 8.

Niman Ranch is a network of more than 720 U.S. family farmers and ranchers who raise heritage breeds of pigs, cattle and lamb using humane husbandry methods based on the recommendations of animal handling expert Dr. Temple Grandin, and in a sustainable fashion. Niman Ranch includes designated farms here in Iowa as well as the Rocky Mountains, Pacific Northwest and mid-Atlantic areas, producing fine meats sought after by chefs across the country.

Since opening in 2013, Cobble Hill has regularly served Niman Ranch Flat-Iron Steak on their menu, which Schumacher finds to be one of the most impressive products he uses in his kitchen. Thursday’s four-course meal will begin by highlighting Schumacher’s favorite flat-iron steak and will introduce diners to the importance of Niman Ranch to the restaurant, and how it has helped to define them through the quality of products used.

Subsequent courses will include tastes of braised lamb with North African-inspired sides and beef carpaccio, and a dual presentation of pork sausage with lemongrass and coconut alongside pork spare ribs peppered with Korean influences. Dinner will conclude with a dessert course of slow-baked apple terrine with a larded pie crust, topped with thinly shaved slices of house-cured lardo. Each course will be carefully paired with a beer, wine or cocktail to complement the dish.

The prix fixe dinner on Thursday evening is $60 before tax and gratuity. While tickets are sold out, plans are in place to continue these special weeknight events moving forward. With plenty of unique dining experiences in the area nearing triple-digit prices, Schumacher hopes to strike a good balance for interested diners with menus and events that are slightly more affordable. Over the last year, Schumacher has worked to increase the number of dinner events to encourage people to encounter Cobble Hill in a new way.

“We’ve picked it up lately and we’re probably doing 10 events a year on average. It’s been enjoyable; I like it,” Schumacher said.

For more information on the restaurant’s dinner series, stay tuned to their website and social media platforms.

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