Call for auditions: Dreamwell Theatre’s production of ‘Becky’s New Car’

Dragon Theatre Productions perform Becky's New Car in 2013 -- photo by James Kasyan
Dragon Productions Theatre Company perform Becky’s New Car in 2013 — photo by James Kasyan

Dreamwell Theatre announced yesterday the audition dates for its production of Becky’s New Car, a fourth wall-busting comedy written by Steven Dietz. Auditions are slated for March 8 and 11 at the Iowa City Public Library, with production dates set for mid-May at the Unitarian Universalist Society. Check out the press release below for details:

Auditions for Dreamwell’s “Becky’s New Car,” written by Steven Dietz, directed by Brian Tanner.

Dreamwell’s final production of the 2013-14 season is a hilarious comedy by Steven Dietz. The play centers on Becky, a middle-aged woman who’s happily married to her husband, but 28 years of wedded life has turned their marriage into a predictable routine. She meets a grieving widower who happens to be a millionaire. He mistakes her to be a fellow widow, and she doesn’t reveal the truth, driving her to a crossroad in her life.

Character descriptions:

Becky Foster – (appears 45-55) — Charming, funny, attractive, and haunted by the feeling that her life isn’t what she had hoped it would be. Central to the ensemble and carries the show, including multiple interactive fourth wall breaking monologues.

Joe Foster – (appears 45-55)– Becky’s husband. Strong, pragmatic, stolid, loves his wife and family, and is significantly smarter than he gives himself credit for.

Howard Flood – (55-65) — very wealthy businessman. Gentle, sweet, good hearted, and not terribly connected to the real world. Has been lost since his wife’s death.

Chris Foster – (appears 26) — Joe and Becky’s son. A goofy college psychology major.

Kensington (Kenni) Flood – (early 20s) — Gorgeous, rich, spoiled, cynical, brilliant. Howard’s daughter. Dating Chris.

Steve – (40-55) — Becky’s coworker. Still grieving the loss of his wife in a hiking accident. Manic, overly emotional.

Ginger – (40-55) Walter’s neighbor. Scion of a family that has just about gone through all of its long held family wealth. Sad, funny, smart.

Auditions will be at the ICPL, 1pm Saturday, March 8, and 7p.m. Monday, March 11. Scripts will be on reserve at the ICPL and CPL. Sides will be provided, including a portion of Becky’s opening monologue. Actresses considering the role of Becky, a comic monologue is requested but by no means required.

Production dates are May 9, 10, 16 and 17 at the Unitarian Universalist Society. Rehearsals are expected to begin by March 24. Please prepare a list of conflicts between March 16 and May 10. Must be available May 5-8 in addition to the performances. Rehearsals will primarily be M-Th evenings in Iowa City though some weekend afternoons may be needed dependent on cast availability.

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