Get a free breakfast and learn about Iowa City’s budget at Breakfast on a Budget

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Breakfast on a Budget

Iowa City Hall — Saturday, Jan. 6 at 7:30 a.m.

Kingsley Botchway II. — photo by Jason Smith

Thinking about Iowa City’s annual budget may not be the first thing most people do on a Saturday morning, but most people do eat breakfast. This Saturday, you’ll be able to do both at Breakfast on a Budget.

City Councilmember Kingsley Botchway II came up with the idea, as a way to increase public involvement in discussions about the upcoming city budget.

“Getting the public more involved with the budget and at an earlier stage of budget consideration, has been a concern, not just for this council, but for previous councils as well,” Botchway told Little Village.

The Saturday morning event will feature a presentation summarizing the current budget proposal for the upcoming year, and a free breakfast — coffee, juice, bagel and donuts will be served.

“It’s an opportunity to mingle with council members, and talk about the budget,” Botchway said. “There’s tons of information in [the budget presentation] about where we’re at as a city, and about the concerns we’ll be addressing. Everybody in the community, all walks of life, should be aware these things.”

Botchway said he sees this as a first step in creating greater public involvement in the budget process. “This is one in a series of opportunities we’re thinking about,” he explained. “We’re also contemplating doing a Facebook live event around the budget.”

The budget presentation will also serve as the first part of an informational work session on the budget by the council. Another informational work session will be held on Tuesday. Both sessions will be shown on City Channel 4.

Weather forecasts call for subzero temperatures as Breakfast on a Budget gets underway, but Botchway doesn’t think this will be a problem.

“Iowa people get out there [in the cold weather],” he said. “Especially in our community, because people are engaged.”

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  1. While I realize this piece links to a facebook page listing this information, it might have been helpful to include where and when this event is to take place in the article itself.

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