Book Review: ‘Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim’ by Ed Fallon

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Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim: A Memoir From The Great March for Climate Action

Ed Fallon, Business Publications Corporation Inc. (Des Moines, IA)

Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim is a memoir by Bold Iowa’s “Agitator in Chief” Ed Fallon, detailing the eight-month saga of his 3,100-mile journey from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. known as “The Great March for Climate Action” of 2014.

Fallon described Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim, published in November 2018, as a personal narrative with “climate threads weaving with the difficulty of marching, the challenges of being in a community and things I was wrestling with in my own life.”

“It’s a bunch of threads coming together as they wind their way across the country,” Fallon said.

These threads successfully come together to offer a thoughtful account of the trials and triumphs of the march, the efforts of Fallon and his fellow “climate warriors,” the people they met and the lessons drawn from the experience.

The book gives glimpses into the author’s life before the march: his rebellious departure from the Catholic church at age 16, his epiphanous encounter with author Bill McKibben, his beginnings as a peace activist, his maverick career as a state legislator, his climate work and more.

Too often memoirs of this kind are preachy and repetitive, deprived of personal insight to help distinguish them. Thankfully, Fallon’s memoir is an exciting tale that raises awareness of an urgent situation confronting humanity and the planet, with nuggets of humor and wisdom to be found along the way.

Reflecting on this historic odyssey, Fallon wrote, “In the New Climate era, where hope is desperately needed, the March showed that people can rise above all manner of physical, emotional, and political obstacles to do what must be done.”

Copies of Marcher, Walker, Pilgrim can be purchased at the Bold Iowa website, with all proceeds going to Climate March, a successor to The Great March for Climate Action.

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 259.

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