Your chance to make a difference starts here: Crisis Center volunteer info. night – Jan. 24

In the early ’90s, I volunteered for ICARE (Iowa City AIDS Resources and Education), which was then an independent grassroots organization devoted to supporting people with HIV/AIDS in the community. I threw myself into the work, and on several occasions was a facilitator in the organizations trainings. These trainings were the most intense educational experiences […]

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Your Town Now: Stopping the Silence

Women’s Resource and Action Center: Men’s Anti-Violence Council: Rape Victim Advocacy Program: Rape Crisis Line at the RVAP: (319) 335-6000 Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline: (800) 284-7821 For the purposes of this writing, let’s stipulate up front that we don’t really know exactly what happened in the Penn State football locker room in […]

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