The Sit-Down with Leighton Pierce

Related: Agency by Leighton Pierce You’ve got a lot of your works online. Some artists are reluctant to do that. “For a while, I didn’t put much online. Then I put online only older things. Now I’m thinking, why not let people get some sense of the work? Let it capture their interest. The two-inch […]

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A Wrinkle Time

Agency Leighton Pierce Related: Q&A with Leighton Pierce In his latest work, film and video artist Leighton Pierce gives visual manifestation to one of modern society’s greatest fears: lost time. Agency of Time (Toward part 2), a five-channel video, two-channel audio installation, uses lush, abstracted imagery and sound cues to draw the viewer into […]

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Hear Them Roar: The Iowa Women's Music Festival

[audio:zoe_lewis_never_too_old.mp3] Zoe Lewis – Never Too Old (mp3) Feminists burning their bras in protest, women such as Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell and Linda Ronstadt on stage, and the Equal Rights Amendment finally up for ratification—this was the1960s and 1970s, an era of women’s liberation, and, one could easily assume, a heyday for women’s music. Wrong. […]

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