Album Review: Hunter Dumped Us Here — I Understand

Hunter Dumped Us Here I Understand The members of the band Hunter Dumped Us Here may hail from Cedar Rapids, but they have musical ideas and ambitions that extend well beyond the city limits. They may be firmly in the camp of drums-and-wires rock and roll, but one cannot deny their intensity and musical […]

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Album Review: Samuel Locke Ward — Dunwich Piano Recital

Samuel Locke Ward Dunwich Piano Recital Samuel Locke Ward hasn’t had an album reviewed in Little Village in over a year. Given that he released 12 full-length albums in 2014, it may be reviewer exhaustion to blame. But if we’re going to end this critical shutout, Dunwich Piano Recital is a great place to […]

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Album Review: Josh Fina — Feel Me EP

Josh Fina Feel Me EP Electronic dance music’s natural habitat is a dark room with the sound system turned up until the bass hits you in the solar plexus and your fillings vibrate. The Feel Me EP attacks that milieu with a subtlety and gentleness that seems out of place on the dance floor. […]

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Album Review: The Phineas Incarnation – Liquid Karma

The Phineas Incarnation Liquid Karma Liquid Karma is the work of Phineas Brady, a 17 year old drummer from Iowa City. He wasn’t even born when the genre known as IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) began gaining listeners. Brady’s chief inspiration is the restless, jackhammer rush of artists like Squarepusher and Aphex Twin, but instead […]

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Album Review: FireSale – Furry Noises


FireSale Furry Noises FireSale is a band made up of players currently finishing bachelor’s degrees at the University of Iowa College of Music. They share that musical pedigree with alumni Euforquestra, whose frontman Matt Grundstad joins with them on their song “Don’t Ya,” on their 2015 album, Furry Noises. Their music is an amalgam […]

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Album Review: Suspect – Faux Empath

Suspect Faux Empath Suspect (AKA Ryan Beck, Iowa City to Chicago transplant) is part of the ever-growing group of artists — many with recordings released on former Iowa Citian Shawn Reed’s Night People label — who are seeking to find a new musical path based on techno music, but outside the club/dancefloor/rave world from […]

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Album Review: The LonelyHearts – Age of Man

The LonelyHearts

Full disclosure: I am incredibly jealous of Andre Perry, Executive Director of the Englert Theater, musician, author and past contributor to Little Village. No one should be this good at that many things. I’ll try to rise above that deadly sin as I consider the new album he’s made with his musical partner John Lindenbaum, Age of Man… […]

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Album Review: A432 – Broken


A432 (Iowa City’s Logan Stimmel) calls himself a sound artist, rather than a musician — which means that I have high confidence many Little Village readers will not like Broken. A432’s music sits in the general vicinity of the music of Autechre and Richard Devine. It is deliberately abstract, without being arbitrary. Any sounds that originated as acoustic vibrations in air (i.e., “normal” music or location recordings) have been digitally altered and treated to render them unrecognizable. […]

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Album Review: Elizabeth Moen – Self-titled

Elizabeth Moen

Elizabeth Moen Elizabeth Moen On “Songbird,” the first track from her eponymous debut album, Elizabeth Moen sings, “Singing at the top of my lungs trying to get through.” It shows off her voice and guitar in a way that perfectly situates her in the singer-songwriter tradition alongside Joni Mitchell, Janis Ian and Judee Sill. […]

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