John Wick: Keanu Reeves is back with a vengeful…vengeance

The newest Keanu Reeves vehicle, John Wick, is as slick and sleek as the car driven by the titular protagonist. Throughout the 90-minute super-cut of fights and deaths brought on by murder of Wick’s dog and theft of his ’69 Mustang, the bloody fantasy delivers exactly what it promises — with a vengeance.

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Ghostbusters Night: Where you gonna go? FilmScene!

That’s right, folks, as the poorly paraphrased lyrics that you hopefully still sang in your head indicate, your favorite ghostbusters are coming to Iowa City for a special screening — the 30th Anniversary Restoration of Ghostbusters (1984). This Friday , all spooky shenanigans will start at 9:00pm. Festivities will include Ghostbusters-themed drinks, Ghostbusters-themed trivia, […]

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