Crafty: It’s never too late to be hip for a third grader


Photos by Frankie Schneckloth Before we get started here this month, let’s get something straight: I am by no means an expert on a wide variety of topics. I had never made pickles before July’s column. I don’t have an extensive background when it comes to fabric dyeing. I was curious about these projects, so […]

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Crafty: DIY Notebooks for the new school year

Photos by Frankie Schneckloth When it came time to shop for school supplies, I never chose the super splashy Lisa Frank folders and notebooks. Ever the organizer, I always went for plain colored folders and notebooks that color coordinated to make changing subjects a breeze. I knew if they ripped or I needed a replacement […]

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Crafty: Pickling 101

Every year, I dream up elaborate plans for my summer vegetable garden. And each year, at about this time, I start to lose steam. The constant weeding and watering are too much for me and I can never seem to battle the bugs and pests in an effective way. I tried to keep it in check this year and scale back a bit on planting. I selected things that we truly like and actually eat, and that also are relatively easy to care for. I planted, among numerous other vegetables, three tiny cucumber plants. […]

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Crafty: Ombre napkins are luxury for your lap

Like I mentioned in my last column, I can really get behind simple indulgences. Whether it’s flowers, stationery or items for the home, anything that elevates the ordinary to even slightly luxurious is right up my alley. I could make a list a mile long of the little luxuries I love, but it’s outdoor dining […]

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Crafty: Quick and easy bargain bouquets


One of my 2013 New Year’s resolutions was to fill my home with fresh flowers on the regular. My aesthetic preference in arranging flowers leans towards the non-fussy, uncomplicated variety which is lucky because, as anyone who has purchased a dozen roses or other fancy bouquet may know, fresh blooms can cost. Since I like […]

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