Astrology Forecast: October 2011

FOR EVERYONE ~ The darkness before dawn. Let’s be honest. A lot of situations have reached their limits. So have a lot of people. Suspense and tension are peaking. Rhetoric is getting ever more intense. Nerves are taut. But there’s still no realistic solution in sight. The turn will come in November–next month. The planets need more time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Meanwhile, in October, people just have to hunker down and work even harder to hold things together. Just be aware that November will bring relief in the form of true inspiration and new directions that we really do want to go in. Meanwhile, persevere. Hold on. Don’t settle for any of the half-baked options going around now.


ARIES ~ Tap the brakes. Financial plans are complicating relations with everyone. Children, friends and business associates are resisting you. Your most significant other is going through a difficult work transition, too. Feelings are running high. This isn’t the time to simply impose your will, either. Going ahead with your plans as they are would probably only lead to greater debt in the end. Prepare for a lengthy give and take. Refine your ideas. Strive for trust, build consensus, seek cooperation. Some quiet work on personal issues would help things along, too.

TAURUS ~ Silence is golden. Your job situation will improve significantly in some ways. In other ways, not. Relations with work associates could get very dicey. Feelings are running high. Many are out of patience and looking for a fight. Some want payback for wrongs done, real or imagined. It’s almost impossible to say the right thing. You might also have to go back on any promises you make. This month it would be best to listen closely and speak seldom. When you do speak, it should be to calm the waters.

GEMINI ~ Back channel communications. It might seem like a good move to those in power, one that’s just too tempting to pass up. However, to growing numbers of unhappy people, it’s precisely the wrong move. It would be a mistake to ignore these objections. Your task is to help those opposed say what they need to and help the authorities hear it. However, it’s too easy to say the wrong thing these days. It’s even easier to be misinterpreted. Friends and casual acquaintances might provide a way to pass the word along.

CANCER ~ Stay the course. Cancerians are safely out of the intense crossfire in October–more or less. You should also be able to deflect any stray threats. Still, your job or income could be affected by strains related to current tensions. Nerves are frayed. Tempers are showing. Open confrontations seem possible. It’s enough to keep your mind clear and do what you need to do. Don’t get swept into the current. At this point, deeper involvement in the issues is probably unwise. Wait until people seem ready for sensible discussions.

LEO ~ Mediate, or else. Grievances, self-righteousness and feelings of entitlement are driving confrontations all around. People want satisfaction, they want the truth and they want change. Now. No matter the cost. You are in touch with the forces of change and sense the truth of what is being said by all sides. You can speak to those in power. You also know how to work with intense emotions. Your intervention might be all that stands between the status quo and chaos. One thing: You’ll need to set aside your own ego.

VIRGO ~ The next level. You’ve stayed afloat in pretty rough seas. The planets will continue to support you despite all the risk factors. You just need to dig deeper–intellectually, emotionally, psychologically and, yes, spiritually. It isn’t that the planets suddenly don’t like you anymore. The situation is just getting more and more complex and turbulent. You need greater self-knowledge, more self-control and greater knowledge of the issues. If not, you could lose your way amidst the rapidly growing confusion. Many people, both high and low, are counting on you.

LIBRA ~ Improvise. The uncertainty and doubt about work and finances generally, continues. Budgets remain tight. Worse, disorder seems to be the rule, now, almost to the point of chaos, sometimes. Rhetoric is much more intense, too. There is a great need for the kind of fair-minded, balanced thinking Librans do best. However, you will need to choose your moments carefully. With persistence, you can shape opportunities from the disorder and uncertainty that will benefit yourself and others. Your own most personal and cherished hopes for the future should guide your efforts.

SCORPIO ~ Reach out. It seems you need to extend your social circles in ways that are not yet comfortable for you. You might not realize it, but as you push beyond your present social boundaries, you will create lines of communication that will help others manage the changes in their lives. People need better, more open lines of communication to deal with the changes now taking place. Don’t let the occasional misstep undermine your confidence. The advantages your efforts bring for you and others will make up for the occasional awkwardness.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Small moves. Countless small issues and a few big ones are combining to block progress on every front. Nerves are on edge. The obstacles won’t yield to force. Untying a tight knot often requires many small tugs. If you pull repeatedly but gently at these knots from enough different angles, they will give way. Don’t lose confidence. Don’t be put off by the anger, resentment or frustration others are expressing, either. Encourage others to seek the truth you know is there. Sometimes, mild-mannered Sagittarius just has to show some ego.

CAPRICORN ~ Quest. Despite the pressure, despite the numerous options, you will probably have to keep looking. Or you might have to build something from scratch yourself. It isn’t that you can’t find the ingredients or the services you need. It’s that the solution has to meet higher than normal standards. Fairness has become a major issue. People are looking for justice. It also has to avoid the frustrating limitations and pitfalls of the past. The good news is that you won’t be alone. Many others are searching eagerly for the same answers.

AQUARIUS ~ Coach. The Aquarian spirit is alive and well. Near term, though, success will depend solidly on your ability to build alliances and support partnerships. Confidence is shaky, trust is fragile and obstacles are real. Also, though the ideas are yours, others have the initiative. Realistically, you’ll need to exert pressure persistently, gently and indirectly, through others. People need to make the effort themselves, but they need your encouragement, guidance and, well, prodding. Money will probably remain tight for everyone until you can convince others to make your ideas a reality.

PISCES ~ Inspiration. Where others might see only obstacles, Pisceans see possibilities. You can help others see beyond the confusion, uncertainty and obstructions. Your enthusiasm is contagious. It could also have a synergistic effect, setting many things in motion at once. This is especially true on the job front, but it isn’t just confined to work. Continue to refine your vision so it stays relevant and understandable. Continue to refocus your efforts, too, so the project stays doable. Let others take over the bits that don’t interest you directly. Leave room for improvisation.